Welcome. You are about to embark on a virtual tour of the Ye Olde Walkerville Bed & Breakfast.

Just a few words about the tour before you begin. Simply click on the room name on the left at any time to view that room. You can navigate by dragging your mouse to either side or click the Zoom In or Zoom Out buttons. Click the "Return to Ye Olde Walkerville Bed & Breakfast" link at the top at any time to return to this page. The tour does not include rates for the rooms. To inquire about rates click here. Please enjoy the tour!

We hope that you enjoy your Tour of the Ye Olde Walkerville Bed & Breakfast. We truly believe we have taken the facility to an envious level that preserves the original integrity, character and ambiance of this turn-of-the-century Victorian Manor while also providing appropiate contemporary amenities to make your stay more relaxing and enjoyable. With loving care we work very hard to ensure an immaculate and properly operated Ye Olde Walkerville Bed & Breakfast. The elegance of the Manor, the modern amenities, coupled with our attention to Customer Satisfaction is all designed to provide an exceptional upscale Bed & Breakfast experience.